Portrete de cartier

Portrete de Cartier

Portrete de cartier (Neighbourhood portraits) is a project designed to adjust the cultural imbalance of Bucharest and generate new audiences for artistic projects. At the same time, it intends to help people develop a collective identity and better cement their community.

For this project, we’ll activate “Galeria Mobila” and move it in two areas in Bucharest- Straulesti (between April and May 2019) and to Calea Calarasi (August-September 2019). Eight artists will engage in an arts-based research of the area, interacting with the locals and finding out stories about the areas. We’ll further engage with the people in a series of five workshops designed to help us learn more about their neighbourhood and community. At the end of each stage, we’ll organise an exhibition presenting the work of our artists as well as the pieces made during the workshops. The exhibition will first take place in the neighbourhood and then will be relocated to the city centre. This way, we’ll create a link and a dialogue between the centre and the edge, overcoming the distance and bringing people closer.

The project is funded by AFCN.

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